About Angel

Welcome to my website , my name is Angel Matica I have been painting murals professionally in London and the southeast for over 20 years having painted my first in my bedroom 20 years before, I have always known from a very young age that being an Artist was my path in life.

I completed my foundation course at the Hornsey School of Art & Design, then swiftly progressed through my three year degree course in Graphic Design at the Central School of Art & Design London.

I have worked within many Graphic Art studios including Advertising Agencies on a freelance basis mainly in illustration and as a visualizer. What started as a two week holiday in the Algarve Portugal during the 80’s turned into an eight year working holiday where I built up a reputation for painting Murals and Sign writing for numerous Restaurants/Bars and private villas…


It is from this region I gained the inspiration, from sun drenched villas by the ocean to the subtle hues and shadows of olive groves in the evening sun.Even now twenty five years later there are still some of my murals and signs around…ok perhaps a little sun faded !!.
I returned to the UK in 1995 and painted my niece’s nursery…my very first Winnie the Pooh and friends mural !…I have since painted many murals for various clients including high profile,commercial, schools ,hospitals,care homes the list is endless. I have been painting for as long as I can remember…& love what I do . If you like what you see please phone me on 07979763859 or email

If you have an idea for your living space or children’s room…I can at a brushstroke transport you or your children to wherever you choose to be !. Thanks to all my past clients over the past twenty years…and there has been a lot of them for letting me create that very special room in their homes…to think that those babies in their rooms are now in their final years at university or starting out on their life’s journey in the world of work…and yes I am still painting murals & loving it !.

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A selection of Angels portfolio can be viewed on the internet or by request.