Here are some examples of girl’s murals I have painted across homes in London. A hand painted mural allows girls to become one of the Disney princesses they admire, live in the castle of their dreams, and enact a fairytale, all in the confines of their bedroom. These murals are the perfect way for your daughter to ignite her imagination and create her own stories through an immediate engagement with the real life and fictional figures she admires.  If you’re looking to spruce up a bedroom or playroom, a bespoke hand painted mural is the perfect way to do this.

As a children’s bedroom mural artist, I have painted girl’s murals that include personalised shop fronts, Disney princesses and an enchanted land filled with fairies and mystical creatures. Other popular designs include magical forests bursting with flowers and trees, personalised signs and the forever popular Frozen. Thanks to the freedom offered by a bespoke hand painted children’s mural, it is also possible to paint children into their murals as any figure they would like! Children are full of energy and imagination, therefore they should have a room that is equally full of life.

Through a hand painted bedroom mural, it is possible to create something truly unique and mesmerising for your daughter, transforming a bedroom into a realm of wonder and creating spellbinding piece of art to stimulate a young mind. Girl’s murals are the perfect way to make a space feel like their own, and getting them involved in the creative process means that they can design their room in whatever way they like. Make a stunning visual impact and add an exciting burst of colour through a hand painted mural and you’ll see the wonder on your child’s face when they see it!