Here are some examples of kids graffiti names I have done across homes in London. Graffiti is one of the best ways to incorporate a personal touch to a room and has become an increasingly popular way of displaying kids’ names in homes. In recent years, I have noticed that graffiti has become more mainstream, transcending the confines of street walls to become a popular design in homes and commercial spaces across London.

This mural style is ideal for young kids or teenagers who may want to move away from the cartoon world of Disney and fairy tales towards something a little more grown up. Graffiti can add new textures and dimensions to a plain wall space; a popular kids’ name design features the illusion of a broken wall with a tag graffiti name bursting through it. Graffiti introduces kids and teenagers to a fun and expressive art form, encouraging them to add their own personal touches through idiosyncratic phrases and images, such as film or television characters, football slogans or logos, and much more.

Alternatively, graffiti art can also be used on images to inject a pop of colour or creativity into an otherwise plain and conservative space. You can transform a familiar image, such as the Statue of Liberty or an iconic London landmark, and change it into something completely new by painting it in a fun graffiti style.

From kids to adults, homes to commercial spaces, there are so many ways to inject fun and colour into a dull space through a graffiti inspired mural.