The art of signwriting may be a dying trade, however there are still some amazing sign writers out there. Vinyl and computer generated signs are now too commonplace and more often than not, lack that charming personal touch. Having said this, traditional signwriting has experienced a renaissance across London, with more and more people seeking bespoke signwriting designs, as opposed to the ubiquitous one-size-fits-all templates generated online.

Of course, traditional doesn’t mean old-fashioned or dated. Across my signwriting work in both London and the Algarve, I’ve used an array of colours and font designs to create bespoke and eye-catching signs fitting the individual business. From assembly halls and emergency departments to bars and cafes, the range of signwriting I have done in London shows that it continues to be a popular choices for businesses. Rather than relying on technology, traditional signwriting requires sketching out an outline in chalk and then writing it out by eye in freehand.

While so-called permanent signs cut by hand or machine using acrylic or vinyl may gradually deteriorate over time, traditional painted signwriting can grow more visually appealing, as it reveals hidden surfaces, undercoats and brushstrokes. If you’re looking to spruce up your shop, cafe, bar, restaurant or any indeed any commercial storefront in London, traditional signwriting can be an extremely effective way of making your business the focal point of the high street.

I have done a lot of signwriting across London, including hand painted chalkboards for specific business promotions, events and even menus. Whether you want something ornately painted or something more understated, the endless variety offered by traditional hand painted signwriting means that you can create amazing visual displays for your business, made all the more special by the irreplaceable personal touch of an artist. That’s certainly something no computer can ever reproduce!

Here’s a selection of Signwriting carried out in the U.K. and in the Algarve Portugal.

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A commission to paint the Assembly hall at Aldenham School in Elstree Hertfordshire.
The brief was to use key words and phrases to illustrate the schools history of excellence.

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A selection of signwriting carried out in the uk and during my travels in the Algarve Portugal….happy days.